Rocio has always felt she was born an artist.
In her late teens is when she started
developing a love for oil painting and she hasn't stopped since.
Being born and raised in Venezuela, and from an extremely vibrant and colorful culture, inspires her work in every way. She can’t imagine a life without textures and
In her late twenties, she decided to quit her “regular job” and even though she has been running a family business, she started traveling the world in search of inspiration. Her travels took her as far as India and Asia, and landed her in Mexico City, where she started to fully commit to studying and developing her painting style.
Now she resides in Austin but travels to Europe and the UK often, always in search of new inspiration. Since the pandemic, she was fortunate to be able to truly commit and submerge herself in art. Her style has evolved and transformed constantly, and she couldn’t be happier about it, as she likes to keep moving forward and not put herself in a box.
She feels deeply and tries to translate that into her works, utilizing strong and
powerful brushstrokes as well as intense color combinations, never caring whether they match or clash... She just goes where inspiration takes her.

IG: @rocioartist