atxGALS mission is to give women artists more recognition in the art world by creating more exposure for them through unique, urban pop-up shows. Our goal is to contribute to each artist's success while also giving back to community by supporting local organizations that have a primary focus on women's rights and equality. Artists keep 100% of their art sales from atxGALS events, and a significant portion of the event proceeds supports the organization/s involved. 

atxGALS art exhibits are hosted at non-traditional venues to create a more inviting and fun environment for guests. Our events are accessible, fun, and an open invitation to genuinely connect with talented artists that are passionate about their work and sharing their artistic process.

Our quarterly events bring around 200+ guests in attendance, and have raised thousands of dollars for GEN (Girls Empowerment Network), and other local Organizations. 

We continue to support local women artists and organizations through our quarterly shows and partner events.


Mónica Ceniceros 
Founder | CEO
Monica has been making art since she can remember. Growing up in Mexico, she experienced the colorful culture that is reflected in her work today. She's known for her unique technique of rich color combinations along wood grains. By working with the natural imperfections of the wood, she reminds us that there is beauty in even the simplest of things. "We should embrace what makes us unique, learn to work through our layers and imperfections and transform into the best version of ourselves. True beauty lies in individuality." Monica's experience in marketing and events combined with her passion for helping women artist succeed led her to the creation of atxGALS. She has been working on the group's growth and success since their official launch in 2017 and is the vision and direction behind every event. 

Noemi Szyller
Marketing + Artist Management
Noemi Szyller was born in Paris, France and moved to the United States 15 years ago. Growing up, her grand-parents took her to museums and exhibitions all over, which sparked her creative mind very early on. After obtaining both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Art History and Museum Studies, she pursued a career in museums and galleries in Austin, TX and in San Francisco, CA. While working at the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum in Austin she also discovered her love and talent for Marketing and has since grown her expertise and skill set through leading  Marketing roles in various industries. Noemi's passion for both marketing, curating and working with artists makes her a great addition to the atxGALS team, allowing her to combine her art and her marketing backgrounds.

Madilyn Biscoe
Event Manager + Brand Partnerships
Madilyn is born and raised in Austin and has been in love with the arts, culture and music scene in Austin since she was young. After graduating from the University of Texas and spending time abroad, she found her way back to Austin to create spaces that build community and celebrate the beautiful culture and people in Austin. Combined with her experience in marketing, PR, social media, brand partnerships and events, Madilyn's passion for celebrating and highlighting women makes her a perfect addition to the team to help with event management, event production, and atxGALS' community growth through partnerships and collaborations.