Pratiksha Muir, founder and artist of P Muir Art, paints large scale urban-inspired fine art. After losing her father to ALS, her world and perspective shifted. She had a new appreciation for life and decided to use her moments to pursue her passion.
After quitting her corporate job to become a full time artist, she knew that making art with a message is how she could live a life that existed beyond her own. She is passionate about helping other artists, being vocal on important issues, making sure to always take time for self-care, and unapologetically living life each day. She seeks inspiration from a variety of places including her childhood, hip hop & pop culture, politics, and everything in between. With each of her pieces, you will get a small piece of defiance combined with her entire heart.
Her work has been collected worldwide by a variety of collectors including Grammy-winning artists, pro MMA fighters and TV Personalities. You can also find her work locally including places like Drop Kick and XCrem on 6th Street.

IG: @pmuirart