Nevena Bentz is a classic example of a Renaissance woman. A law student in France, a lawyer in Texas, a professor in Bulgaria, her life has been one of colorful experiences and people, and a journey marked by the constant pursuit of self-discovery.

A few years ago, Nevena reignited her lifelong passion for jewelry and created a mixed media, sculptural collection, using leather and semi- precious stones. This was the first, shy step away from her legal past and the beginning of a creative life that spans several different media. Since then, Nevena launched her fine jewelry line (, and published a book of French poetry. 

Of all of her various pursuits, visual art is Nevena’s greatest passion. She thinks of her creations as chapters in a visual diary that express who she is at a certain time and place, offering a fragmented view into her inner world. Nevena’s art is the fruit of her journey in self-discovery. She uses bright colors to reaffirm her belief that we should embrace who we are, dare to reveal all the colors of our individuality by breaking free from societal conditioning, relinquishing expectations and accepting the natural order of things.

Her work shows a quest to reinforce the contrast between the real and the imaginary by juxtaposing elements of each, so as to reconfigure reality in unexpected ways and blur the line of what is normal. Frequently, her ideas materialize in the process of tearing up the whole, creating chaos or exploring the space that results. “The minute something begins to look predictable, I take a turn and give it an unexpected new twist. I like to surprise myself constantly, and that invariably happens by distorting the obvious and deviating from conventions.” Nevena believes that our need to create is driven by the desire to bring a tangible proof of the soul’s existence and give a voice to our subconscious. Nevena’s art is a tribute to freedom, strength, authenticity and beauty, concepts she has chosen to communicate both with her work’s themes and with the process of creation. She strives for her art to speak for itself and for the viewer to have freedom in interpreting and perceiving it in the exact same way she has freedom in creating it.

Nevena’s art has been shown in numerous gallery exhibits and is part of private collections throughout the US.


IG: @nevenabentzart