Molly is an oil painter based in Taylor, Texas. She is a mother to four vibrant little boys and works out of her backyard school bus turned studio in the in between times of motherhood and homeschooling.

She has always felt the need to create and as a child made as many crafts and things as she could get her wee hands on. She took her first painting class when she was 16. She was immediately hooked and knew that she had found her medium. She has always loved the sensory experience of oil painting, the smell of pigments and oils, the texture radiance of the painted canvas. The buttery consistency of the paint gliding across canvas. Tension is encountered in much of life. Like Todd Snider says “ I got tension out in traffic, I got tension in my office, I got tension, and it's everywhere that I go.” But there is no tension in the simple application of oil paint to canvas, it is freedom, it is gliding, it is accepting.

“My paintings explore the human relationship through images that represent community. My process is intuitive and I frequently paint from both life and memory. I paint wet in wet, laying down gestural brush strokes often leaving areas more developed than others. The unfinished quality of my paintings is messy and beautiful, representing for me the journey that we are on as humans. I use contrast and repetition to question our fears which unconfronted, are ultimately  the things that keep us from becoming all that we were meant to be.”


IG: @mollymansfieldartist