Jane is a 24-year-old textile artist based in Austin, Texas. She began her career in fine art just over 2 years ago. Her artistic practice specializes in hand embroidery. When most people hear "embroidery," they think of pastel flowers and domesticity. This is not the case for Jane. She uses embroidery to express her fascination with irreverent subcultures, strange objects, grandiose fashion, anarchist music, and eclectic color palettes.
In the past two years she has had the pleasure of showing at a number of group, dual, and solo exhibitions at galleries like Cloud Tree, Soco Modern, Yard Dog and Neighborhood Store. She had the chance to collaborate on a large-scale celebrity portrait series with Fort Lonesome, a chainstitch western wear design studio, and sold out an exhibition at Neighborhood Store in Dallas, Texas.
As an artist, her life's work is focused on creating art at the intersection of pleasant and peculiar. Her hope is that you feel a similar sentiment when viewing her work.

IG: @ladybird_studio_atx
Email: jane@ladybirdstudioatx.com