My name is Hailey Gearo and I am a 27 year-old, multi-medium abstract expressionist from Omaha Nebraska.

I have always been drawn to art. Ever since I was a little kid, I enjoyed creating and expressing myself through drawing, painting, and sculpture. This love for art has continued throughout my life leading me to pursue and successfully achieve a bachelors degree in art with a painting concentration from Truman State University. During my time there I was able to participate in several art shows that led up to a very successful Final show.

Since graduating, I have continued to pursue art in Omaha Nebraska, participating in a few shows through the Raw Artist Organization. Now, as a Texas resident, my work has been exhibited at Dear Diary Coffeehouse for one of their showcases, Black Art Weekend at Native Hostel, and Riches Gallery. I have even added mural art to my arsenal.

IG: @hailey_gearo
Email: haileygearo@gmail.com