Eryn Brooke is an Austin artist originally from Waxahachie, Texas and has been creating art in some form or fashion her entire life; constantly finding new ways and new mediums to express her ideas.

Second to art, traveling is another one of her passions. When she became pregnant with twins, her ability to travel came to an unexpected halt. At this time, Brooke began to experiment with mixed media collages. She used her art as a way to travel outside of her physical location and create a magical place to express new emotions and find strength. This became her therapy, her escape to help her feel more like herself; which in turn helped her to be a better mother and a better human being. After feeling the effects of her art, there was no turning back. She would share her new creations with her friends and word quickly spread. She soon started receiving requests and emails for commissioned pieces from as far as Brussels to as close as three blocks away from her Austin home.

Most recently, Brooke's art has been picked up by feminist groups to help express their mission and use as part of their own voice. Her art has resonated both nationally and internationally to help unite and create solidarity among women.

Brooke carries an overwhelming sense of pride generated by the strength and vulnerability of women and the extreme power created when they rise together. She truly believes that her work is the manifestation of those thoughts and feelings stirring inside of her.


IG: @erynbrooke