Empowering Women: Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month


October is a special time of year for entrepreneurs, especially for women who've ventured into the world of business. It's National Women's Small Business Month, a celebration of women-owned small businesses, their achievements, and their incredible contributions to the economy. This month, we recognize and applaud the indomitable spirit of women who have turned their dreams into thriving businesses.

For us, Women's Small Business Month serves as a testament to the remarkable strides women have made in the business and art worlds. It's a time to reflect on the journey of countless female entrepreneurs who've defied the odds, shattered glass ceilings, and made their mark. One of the most powerful aspects of Women's Small Business Month is its role in fostering diversity and inclusion. It emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for women of all backgrounds and experiences. As we celebrate, we also recognize the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to the entrepreneurial landscape.

In honor of this time of year, we wanted to share our inspirational success story and unveil a little bit more of our collective. atxGALS is the largest collective of emerging women and nonbinary artists in Austin. Our mission is to give local women and nonbinary artists more recognition in the art world by creating more exposure for them through unique, pop-up shows, presence in a beautiful multi-purpose space, and curation opportunities. Our goal is to contribute to each artist's success while also giving back to the community by supporting local organizations that have a primary focus on human rights and equality. Since being founded by Mexico-native, Mónica Ceniceros, in 2017, our collective has grown from 14 artists to now 30 artists–and growing–and has raised over $50k for GEN (Girls Empowerment Network), and other local Organizations. 

Above all, we make sure that atxGALS art exhibits are accessible, fun, and are an open invitation to genuinely connect with talented artists that are passionate about their work and sharing their artistic process.

Art has the power to transcend boundaries, spark conversations, and empower voices that have often been marginalized. In our vibrant community, a remarkable transformation is underway, led by a collective of talented women and non-binary artists who are breaking barriers and redefining the art scene.

atxGALS is a heaven for expression, a platform for empowerment, it fosters creativity and collaboration, it breaks barriers, and it celebrates talent. So whether you're an artist or an art enthusiast, there are many ways to get involved and support us:

  • Attend Events: Keep an eye on the collective's events, workshops, and exhibitions to experience the power of their art firsthand.
  • Spread the Word: Share the organization’s events as well as the artists' work and stories on social media to amplify their impact.
  • Collect and Support: Consider purchasing art from these talented artists to support their creative journey.
  • Advocate for Inclusivity: Encourage local galleries and art spaces to showcase the work of underrepresented artists.

This blog post is a celebration of their journey and the dynamic impact they're making.