Born and raised in central Arkansas, Emily Galusha’s artwork is rooted in her upbringing as well as relationships, Nature
and the subconscious.
Having been raised in a creative family, it is second nature for her to be doing and exploring, constantly pushing boundaries of curiosity. She sources inspiration from the resiliency of the Natural world and how it is connected both to science and the transcendental. Travel fuels this work as she is able to learn about different regions' local wildlife, such as endangered species.
Her connection to nature is found in her work as is her relationship with the human figure + emotion. Having been a dancer for 20+ years, this exploration of the emotional body can be found in her Undercurrents series. She focuses on watercolor as well as charcoal, graphite and mixed media.

IG: @emilyegalusha
Website: www.eegcreative.com
Email: eegcreative@gmail.com