Discover the Future: Top Art Spaces to Experience Local Emerging Artists in Austin

Austin, a city known for its vibrant culture, music scene, and innovative spirit, has also been quietly establishing itself as a hub for emerging artists. Nestled among its bustling streets are numerous art spaces that provide a platform for these budding talents to showcase their creativity. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through some of our favorite art spaces in Austin where you can witness the unfolding of artistic brilliance and get a glimpse of the local, future art scene.

  • The Cathedral /atxGALS 
  • The Cathedral is a beautiful 1930's refurbished church in East Austin. Created by the Founder of atxGALS , a local women art collective whose mission is to create more exposure for women + nonbinary artists, The Cathedral showcases a diverse collection of art by the top-rated collective year round.

    atxGALS is a collective of local artists whose mission is to provide women + nonbinary artists more recognition and opportunities through unique experiences and curation services while giving back to the Austin community.

  • Women and Their Work 
  • Dedicated to promoting female artists, Women & Their Work has been a cornerstone of the Austin art scene for decades. The gallery features a blend of established and emerging artists, offering a platform for women to share their creative visions.

  • SAGE Studio and Gallery 
  • SAGE Studio & Gallery is a non-profit art space in east Austin that provides artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities the materials, space, and support to produce, exhibit, and sell their artwork. SAGE (Supporting Artistic Growth and Entrepreneurship) Studio serves artists with disabilities through two main programs: their Studio Program and their Exhibition Program.

  • Art for the People Gallery 
  • Art for the People provides a space that contributes to the artist's livelihoods and humanity's need, and love for art. The small business started in 2015 by owner, Deanna. The logo of the butterfly is a symbol of a metaphoric journey all artists go through as they produce their finest artwork.

  • Ivester Contemporary
  • Ivester Contemporary is an Austin-based contemporary fine art gallery committed to connecting people with leading local and regional artists and ideas. Rotating exhibitions are focused on creating a context for contemplation, deepening appreciation for the visual arts, and facilitating a dialog between the artist and their viewers. Ivester Contemporary is located within the Canopy Creative Complex in East Austin, a central hub for artists, galleries, and other creative types.

  • Canopy
  • Canopy is a creative community set within a redeveloped East Austin warehouse. Artist studios, creative office spaces, art galleries and a café are linked together with communal courtyards and covered breezeways, emphasizing the connectedness between art, culture, and the public. Every first Saturday of the month, the artists’ studios become open to the public for Open Canopy.

  • ArtUs Co 
  • ArtUs Co is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports local artists by providing affordable spaces for them to create, share, and sell their work with the Austin community.

  • Vaughn Art Agency and Gallery
  • Vaughn was conceived by Rachel Drake and Ashley Nussbaum to give emerging and mid-career artists a platform and a space to grow their independent art businesses while curating art for collectors, whether for personal enjoyment or investment.

  • RichesArt Gallery
  • Richesart Gallery invites provocateurs and art enthusiasts alike to immerse themselves in an unparalleled creative experience. The contemporary gallery is home to over one hundred unique works displayed in multiple mediums including watercolor, mixed-media, printmaking and more.

  • Austin Art Garage 
  • Austin is brimming with artistic talent. Creativity, innovation, and a passion for entrepreneurship is our greatest asset as a community and culture. However, many talented artists have been too long overlooked and are struggling to sell their art. Austin Art Garage was created to bring these artists into the spotlight and expose their talents. At you can see all prices and varieties of art and select from a wide variety of styles without the sales pressure. If you like an art piece you can buy it online or pick it up at the gallery. Either way, it’s easy and affordable.

  • grayDUCK Gallery 
  • Nestled in the eclectic South Austin neighborhood, GrayDUCK Gallery is a dynamic space known for hosting exhibitions that push boundaries. The gallery showcases a diverse range of media, encouraging emerging artists to experiment and present fresh concepts. Its intimate setting fosters a deeper connection between the art and the viewer.

  • Martha’s Contemporary
  • Based in Austin, Texas, Martha’s is an art gallery that specializes in working with early-career artists. Presenting solo and group exhibitions spanning all media, Martha’s is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse ecosystem for artists and collaborators. Founded by Ricky Morales and Meredith Williams in 2018, Martha’s has quickly become a necessary fixture of the growing Austin arts community, working closely with local and regional artists, while also bringing in artists from other parts of the country. Most recently, Martha’s, which started in a small project space in East Austin, moved into a 1,500 sq. ft. exhibition space in Hyde Park, where the gallery hosts solo exhibitions from core program artists, group shows and special projects across artistic disciplines, and community engagement projects, such as John Lewis’s Protect Our Vote Initiative.

  • Mass Gallery
  • True to its name, Mass Gallery emphasizes a sense of community and collaboration. It regularly hosts exhibitions that challenge conventional norms and encourage dialogue. With a focus on contemporary art, this gallery provides emerging artists with a space to exhibit work that resonates with the present moment.

  • ICOSA Gallery
  • Founded and operated by a collective of artists, ICOSA aims to provide a platform for experimentation and collaboration. This cooperative gallery space offers emerging artists the chance to exhibit their work within a supportive community. The rotating exhibitions ensure that each visit to ICOSA is a unique experience.

  • HANGAR Art Studios 
  • Art studios + gallery in south central austin

    In the heart of Texas, Austin's art scene is flourishing, providing emerging artists with opportunities to showcase their talents and ideas. From innovative gallery spaces to collaborative initiatives, the city's art ecosystem is diverse, supportive, and forward-looking. So, whether you're a local art enthusiast or a curious traveler, exploring these top art spaces will undoubtedly give you a front-row seat to the future of the Austin art scene.