Catie Lewis is a self taught artist and muralist based in Austin, TX. She began practicing art professionally in 2019 and has stretched her capabilities across many styles and mediums since then.

Catie has exhibited work through Big Medium’s Austin Studio Tour and participated in artist residencies with Texas based non-profits BossBabesATX and Deeds Not Words. She’s painted murals for Austin businesses like EleMINT and Shag Salon as well as large corporations such as Lexus and Google.

She is the founder of WallsTalkCo., a creative company that designs custom murals for businesses and provides accessible resources & local opportunities for young, self-taught artists. 

Catie’s current work is heavily inspired by her Filipino heritage and unique upbringing. Being born in the Philippines to then be adopted and raised in America granted her a life with two very differing identities. At 18 years old, she traveled halfway across the world on her own to reunite with her birth family. It was then when the missing half of her identity was finally revealed. That experience and the self transformation that followed is mainly what influences her practice today.

In her collection, Bahay, Catie uses oil paint on canvas to convey small glimpses into her most cherished memories. While creating this series, she hoped to incorporate this story of reconnection and personal growth with real moments from her first visit to Siargao, Philippines. Elements seen in this collection such as the ocean, palm trees and loved ones, now hold an entirely different meaning to her than what they once did. They have since entirely become expressions of what Catie considers as “Home”– or in Tagalog, “Bahay”.