Bode is a mixed media artist from Austin, TX and the founder of the largely popular lettering community, Goodtype, founded in 2013. She’s the author of "Goodtype: The Art of Lettering" published by Rizzoli NYC and the Creative Director for her lifestyle brand, Low Sun.

She loves to create in the form of painting, mixed media, digital art, film, curating and poetry. Her work is inspired by ancient wisdoms, nature, harmonious color and perhaps a little bit of hip hop and rock 'n roll, whether it be a fine art print or a mixed media flag, bag, or jacket with found imagery and scribbled quotes or lyrics.

“As an artist, I believe we creatives don't just build objects, paint pictures, invent fashion or write music. We are dedicated, through courage and heart, to honor and share our souls through our art, no matter what form or shape that may take. Your wave, is your wave and can be ridden by nobody else. You are the only YOU and that is your superpower.”

When Bode isn’t creating, she can be found hiking or paddling with her dog, Teddy or headed to the mountains with her snowboard.


IG: @bode.robinson