Angélica Rahe (pronounced “ray”) is a Spanish-American multidisciplinary artist creating music and art that reflects her journey of femininity, sensuality, and self-love.
In 2020 she delivered "REINA", a debut album that was called "intoxicatingly smooth" (Austin Monthly) and "challenges what you think you know about Spanish music" (The Dallas Morning News). While the album was immediately followed by a global pandemic that forced cancellation of her North America tour, Rahe used the time to explore visual art. From line drawings and charcoals to oil and watercolor painting, she began to find an intersection between sonic and visual landscapes.
In 2022, Angélica re-emerged with "autorretrato", her follow-up album and musical self-portrait, and her art collection, "Figuras", a series of figurative studies in celebration of the female form.
"While working on my latest album, “autorretrato” (“self-portrait”), I found myself iiterating between songwriting and painting, finding connection between textures of sound and pigment, and exploring some of the themes that appear musically in my work using visual mediums. In this study my focus was exploring the female figure in movement, using lighter, quicker strokes and lots of water, allowing the figure to emerge organically, to drip off the page in an attempt to depict the act of taking up space and disregarding the confinement of the page. I chose watercolor and pencil instead of my usual thick oil paints as a medium because I wanted to explore the lightness and softness of this medium combined with poses that embody strength and celebration of the figure and self; a duality that to me encompasses the beautiful duality of feminine strength.”

IG: @angelicarahe