Sarala Kasbe is an Austin, TX based painter and creator. She was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in Raleigh, NC where she spent her formative years.

The pandemic in 2020 sent a shock wave through her world. The ground
beneath her shifted and for the first time in her life, she asked what was
important to her based on goals and passions she was prescribing entirely
herself. Through this, she decided to change the way she lived by abandoning
the plan laid ahead of her by others and instead, pivoting towards a road with no map, guided purely by her instinct and curiosity.

She now resides in Austin, TX as a full-time artist. Sarala has been painting for four years and has sold originals, completed four residential commissions, and been a part of a variety of showcases and exhibits. She is a self taught POC artist and believes the best way to learn is through making mistakes without fear.


IG: @saralaamykasbe